Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog Jam

I was sick as a dog overnight. I didn't sleep a wink but spent most of it in the small room. Violently non stop ill. I had to cancel long anticipated lunch guests for today who are returning to the mainland tomorrow.
I'm still queasy. Whether this is a bug or a reaction to some food or elder body internal collapse is up for conjecture.
I was indoors all day. And it happened to be a gorgeous, breathtaking bite-the-blue day. A denim day. I took a picture from inside my prison (see above), testing my brand new zoom lens. Gawd I love my camera and its wee bits.
I entered another competition with a short story (a 600 word limit - you try it!)I've been playing with for about two years. Finally nailed it. It cheered me up with all the internal thunder and lightening I was suffering.
I wasn't worth anything at all today.
Isn't the news both depressing and heartening at the same time?
The world is doing somersaults. And so few of our fearless leaders are 'getting it'. But of course they don't have to. Being obscenely wealthy and never having to worry about jobs or enough oil or safety or food or heat.
The real revolution is over. The greatest transfer of wealth in history from the poor to the rich has taken place. Us peons all over the world are beginning to fight over the last few scraps.
Get planting.


  1. Sounds to me like you should have titled this post, 'BOG Jam' rather then, 'Blog Jam'.
    It seems inevitable, when we reach a certain age, that every bout of ill-health is considered 'the terminal one'. I think it started for me when I was about twenty. But, then, I'm a hypochondriac by nature.
    I'm sure, in your case, it's not 'elder body internal collapse'.
    I do hope you feel better soon.

  2. you have such a great view! get better.

  3. It is so sad to see what is happening, I do not understand how these governors were even voted in, I'm sure they didn't campaign to take away collective bargaining.......these poor, poor people.
    I love the view from your window, so pretty.
    Sorry you are not well, there is a bad flu going around but apparently it does not last that long so hang in there.
    It was -34 and snowing when I woke up this morning, I am so tired and done with winter....hope tomorrow is a better day for you....:-)Hugs

  4. Better by now I hope. A little intestinal unfortunatude won't be the undoing of you.

  5. A denim day. What a beautiful phrase. With that kind of gifts available, I don't mind fighting over the last few scraps.

  6. Love to see your "denim days" - but very sorry to read of your digestive upset. Something so sudden and violent is likely to be the result of something you ate/drank - I'd bet on it. Hope you're feeling better now it's forced its way "out".

    Yes - It's the best of times and the worst of times isn't it (to borrow a phrase from Charlie D.)
    Not exactly the best yet though, but showing more signs of getting there than it has for a long time.

    Get well soon WWW.

  7. RJA:
    Oh I needed that laugh - bog jam indeed!!
    Not today, snow, rain, grey.
    Thanks, yes Demz Wot Rulez, the pols are more blatant about their corruption these days!
    Intestinal unfortitude indeed!
    Thanks, I've been calling our glorious days that for a long time. All those different shadings of blue. Keeps us all ticking out here.
    Yes, I think it was some blueberries of all things, it is waving goodbye today with the help of some immodium. Thanks!

  8. Well, I don't think we're quite down to the last scraps yet, though governments are trying to squeeze us more and more. I see several American states have declared war on trade unions and want to whittle away their remaining bargaining rights.

  9. I hope you are feeling less drained today! Sorry I could not resist it. I have had the odd bout of Bog Jam in recent years. A day of dry toast and boiled water does no harm and gives the innards time to settle.

  10. Ah, so you entered the Commonwealth Short Story Competition too...? A decent story in only 600 words was a real toughie, but I managed it in 598. Hope you are feeling better now. Love the 'denim day' description.


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