Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Another "People" Commercial

It's kind of a shame that these 'spontaneous' dance/sing crowds are promoting mobile phones, but there's something so wonderfully insane and hokey about it all.

See previous one here.


  1. I personally love these kinds of things for any reason and love to watch them because they bring a grin on my face and make me feel happy. T Mobile or not. Hey Jude to you to!

  2. Lovely WWW.....but for some reason it brought on an attack of the homesickness. Time for another cup of extra strong coffee!

  3. I bet those people felt good for the remainder of the day. Better than any bottle of pills!

  4. I've been to lots of demonstrations and rallies in my time, and there's something very exhilarating being in a huge crowd of people all passionate about the same thing. A fantastic sense of community and human togetherness.

  5. this video, poor quality, 3 minutes, captures the same spirit....you need to watch the whole thing to see what's going on...read the comments too....amazing...and no sponsors...just a person with a video cam/phone capturing pure humanity in it's most primal/enlightened form....


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