Friday, May 15, 2009

Very Local Highlights

I always have a few days of uncertainty when I get back here to Newfoundland, straddling momentarily the metropolitan world I've left behind, with its dear friends, its culture, its diversity with the tiny outport world I also love.

And then little things start to take over. We've dug 4 beds in the meadow this year, one for turnips, one for (of course) potatoes, one for carrots, one for cabbages and another small one for golden onions.

I've been sizing up 2 gorgeous apple trees at $39.99 each. Apple trees need partners so I have to have 2. I haven't bought them yet. These are in blossom and about 5' high and the smell, my dear - I keep thinking after reading a post at Irene's yesterday, about the blossoms' scent wafting on to the sheets on the clothesline, much like the blooming hawthorn hedge around my grandmother's drying sheets pervaded hers.

And then a few authors in the village consulted me about this guy who wanted to conduct a writing workshop, a big city fellah, they tell me, and why should they give the business to him when I was right there and I could facilitate one and it would be far better, said they, as I'd already advised some of them privately on some of their writing and had shared and read mine with them. So what better person? Ahem, said I, of course, but I'd need payment and a space. Oh that's alright love, said Joe, who's the self-appointed leader, it's all arranged, a nice big payment for you and a lovely space out on the next bay for the taking and the rent's covered. When do you want to get started and do you want to do the announcement? And, he adds, I think there'll be more interested than we have space for so you may need to run a series.

OMG, thought I, OMG!!!!!! Is this the manifestation of a dream or what??? OMG!!!!

I didn't share these thoughts with Joe. I nodded seriously like the adult I sometimes pretend to be and said I valued their trust and confidence and I would not let them down.

I am beyond excited about this. Beyond. I start when I get back from Europe. 8 is the magic number in my experience. So I said 8
would be the maximum class size. And it would be held once a week over two hours for 8 weeks with 8 participants and lots of work. Everyone is enthused. I said maybe we could have a performance at the end of the 8 weeks. A stage show. Lovely background music played by the locals and some readings of the fine-tuned works. Massive enthusiasm by all.

I think we're on to something here. I can hardly wait to get back from Paris. I never thought I'd say that.

Can you believe it?


  1. Oh, I believe it. You just don't know how highly valued you are by these people.

    I say good for you and how exciting. You better get that trip to Paris over and done with quickly.

    And do get those apple trees. They have your name on them.


  2. What a wonderful homecoming, it is a bright light at the end of your dark tunnel of travel!

    Go for it girl with heart, soul & body and enjoy.

  3. Sounds brilliant. What a huge vote of confidence in your skills and talents! And with the level of enthusiasm, it could be a serious long-term venture.

  4. What an amazing homecoming! Congratulations, girl. You deserve every bit of this wonderful turn of events.

  5. Yes how exciting! And as nick says, how brilliant! Good for you, good for them, and what a nice dream to have come true

  6. this is wonderful news on every front! good work, good travels, and apple blossoms. not to mention those potatoes...


  7. @Irene:
    Yes, I keep thinking about those apple trees. I have the perfect spot for them too....
    I was so worn out when I got here, the feeling of abandon all hope oh ye who enter here, and lo and behold. Never say never, eh?
    I'm still over the moon, had the notebook out everywhere I went today jotting things down as they came to me.
    Oh thank you, my dear. I will keep everyone posted on this luscious state of events....
    Thanks you so much, we have to keep the dream alive. I review my dream book every month.
    Yes it all comes together somehow doesn't it? Thank you.

  8. Even more adventure, WWW !!! What fun!
    Congratulations - I only wish I was one of the lucky inhabitants of your locality - I'd be at your classes in a heartbeat, and bring a apple for the teacher! :-)

  9. Congrats, sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Oh, and get those apple trees. I put in a three-in-one apple last fall along with a four-in-one cherry and a nectrine. Will put it more this coming bare root season. Yummy Love my wild hen ranch girls, they are laying away. Go for the girls as well.

  10. Congratulations! Tessa recommended I should come over - glad to find another 'drunk on writing!'

  11. I was wondering where you were with dial up technology? :)

  12. @T:
    Oh I surely would love to have you in class, it would be a joy!
    What are 3 in ones and 4 in ones? I never heard, though you are in California with long growing season and good sunshine, here it is very short growing season. Are the wild hens seriously wild? You didn't have to buy them?
    Oh welcome my dear, another drunken writer is always welcome!
    Off the edge of the Atlantic ocean, Nevin as you can see. I sure miss my high speed though my campaigning for it here never stops!!

  13. Three-in-ones or four-in-ones or multiple variety trees are a tree with 3 or 4 varieties of the same species grafted on one rootstock or trunk. I have dwarfs (trees that is) as they work well for the small garden or family. Example apple tree with one branch, Granny Smith, one of Braeburn & one of Melrose. The subartic varieties of apple may do well where you are.
    My hens were not truly wild. I just put the word out at the feed store that I wanted a few laying hens. Several people that were moving or what ever gave them to me. So I have a varied group of layers, thus a few blue, white, & brown eggs. They are great fun. Maybe I need to get out a bit more!

  14. Hot damn! That sounds wonderful! Looking forward to hearing more as things progress.


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