Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tales from the Tax Trenches Part Three

She's whispering so low I can barely hear her.

"Sheila," I say firmly,"You'll have to speak up."

"Oh God," she says,"The students outside my door will hear me!"

"What's going on?" I ask her, puzzled, I haven't heard from her in nearly five years and I don't chase my clients, too much energy wasted.

"Four years!" she's nearly crying now, "Four years I haven't filed!".

"Do you want to meet with me?" I offer politely,"I'll be in your neighbourhood tomorrow."

"Oh no, not here," she says, an edge of desperation in her voice, "But there's a coffee shop around the corner from the school, can we meet there?"

And we do. She keeps hiding her face from the many students that are coming and going with coffees and teas. Discreetly, she passes her files to me under the table and I slide them surreptitiously into a big black bag I carry for such a purpose.

Sheila is a responsible, caring, middle-aged high school principal.

With four years of unfiled taxes.

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  1. I suppose there's always something we just can't face, however efficient we are in other areas. In my case, it's complete inability to make any private pension arrangements (though I cite all the sharp practices out there and the insolvency of a company Jenny was signed up with as contributory factors).

  2. Nick:
    I agree, there is always some hurdle or challenge we don't want to tackle.
    In my case, and it is so absolutely stupid, it is an eye test. Desperately needed.
    And free.

  3. Enjoyed your tax posts. Mrs. GFB was a bookkeeper and she has her share of horror stories.

    An eye test desperately needed? Good thing you aren't a baseball umpire..LOL

  4. GFB:
    We all have our little foibles, n'est pas?
    Part of me is scared, part of me is in denial, part of me does not want to wear glasses or lenses ALL the time.


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