Monday, May 11, 2009

Meagle and Beagle Have Landed!

Over 700K!

Would you just look at the distance travelled today and stand back in awe and just applaud!

Snow left behind in Cornerbrook where it had no business being to begin with. Look at a calendar, Cornerbrook!!

Luggage scattered everywhere, beagle and meagle fed.

Fire lit (well I did that first, actually!)

Family assured.

Blog updated.

Tomorrow is another day to gird those loins and get cracking on some global issues.

Meanwhile, goodnight and sweet dreams from my toasty little home by the bay.


  1. A round of applause indeed, that was quite a marathon journey. Hope you've had plenty of rest and you wake up refreshed and ready for the next adventure!

  2. Standing ovation!

    Nothing like a real fire to make you feel at home. I hope the dreams are sweet and you wake with replenished energy.

  3. That is a good one day drive for sure.Am glad that you made it home .

  4. Glad you're home (pretty house!) and settled in. Yes indeedy, 700km is quite the accomplishment, I guess the horse could smell the barn!

  5. I'll bet that lovely house had its arms wide open to welcome y'all.

    Rest well, Valiant Travellers! :-)

  6. Well done, woman. You've pulled it off again. I always feel that you're going on a great expedition when you move house and I think I'm not underestimating it. One thing, though...will they have a good hairdresser there for you to get your hair dyed and cut properly. You must keep your new imago up to date, you know!

  7. Hey yes, where are those pictures? You thought we'd forgotten....

    Word check, kosibra!

  8. Welcome home for another year - I'm so glad I no longer have to make that annual pilgrimage after winter in Ontario. Have lived here all year round after commuting only 3 years (I couldn't hack it and came home to stay almost 25 years ago!) Enjoy your lovely laidback summer!

  9. Goodness! Welcome home. You have had a trip. I've been following your antics, even though I haven't commented. Now I find you've given me an award. And me in semi-retirement these last few weeks.
    Well, I must offer my gratitude and gird the old loins to complete its obligations.
    Once again, welcome home.

  10. @Nick:
    Thank you kind sir, I'm taking a break for the next adventure!
    Getting there, getting there!
    Me too!
    Don't know about the horse but the dog just about did cartwheels!
    I don't think I've slept this well since I left here in December!
    I think I'll do my own *safe* colouring and find a good cutter.
    Yes, it feels like a huge adventure to me too!!
    I had the grandgirl take the pics and must do some cropping and post!
    I'm slowly getting there, it is a huge and epic pilgrimage, you are right. I'd like to be able to live on earnings here but sadly not there yet!
    I hope you got all those messy chores done. Mine are just beginning, must get the crops in!

  11. surely not really in one day.

    what a sweet house that is. i can see why you were eager to get there.


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