Sunday, May 24, 2009


My cup runneth over.

Irene at the Gossamer Woman just presented me with the loveliest award which I am thrilled to accept but I feel it is totally undeserved. Building bridges. Well it is something to aspire to, surely?

In true blog protocol I pass it on to these blog friends I admire and who reach out across boundaries with their sparkling honesty and truth:

Tessa at Nuts and Mutton
Twilight at Twilight Starsong
Verna at Out of the Cube
Nick at Nickhereandnow
Grannymar at Grannymar
Conor at Conorjte


  1. I feel honoured, thank you.

    Very soon I hope to reach out and greet you with a hug in Dublin. Please let me know the date you arrive.

  2. Well, thanks very much, building bridges is certainly one of my blogging aims. Though I suppose blogging by its very nature links people together and creates dialogues that wouldn't happen otherwise. One of its many attractions!

  3. aw thanks www - that's set me up with a smile for the week ahead!

  4. came over via conortje, sugar! what a lovely award and from reading y'alls comments and now blog...well deserved! i'll be back! xoxox

  5. Irene would not have done it, if it were not deserved. Congratulations!

  6. You certainly deserve this, WWW! Congratulations!

    As for me - well, I thank you profusely for it, and will accept it as a reminder of what I'd like to aim for and achieve.

    There are all kinds of boundaries in this life, some of them seem un-crossable at times. If bloggers do their tiny bit of reaching out to one or two standing on the other side - miracles could happen.

    LOL! -My mind jumps back to
    American Idol - the "coronation song" at the final last week was called "No Boundaries" - not a well-written song, but one with a great title and message.

  7. Aw. You're so kind, WWW! Thank you so much. (Interestingly enough, the Italian side of my mother's family moved to Ireland as bridge builders! They built most of the railway bridges in Ireland, apparently. Maybe it's in the genes . . .)

  8. Hey! Good luck with the run!

    My neighbour a few doors down is doing it in I'll be reminded!

    A nice award! Congrats!


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