Monday, April 02, 2012

B is for Boil-Up

{Picture taken yesterday outside my house}

Continuing in the alphabetical series for April ( see here for inital post) , I bring you the letter B and the boil-up - a most unique Newfoundland tradition.

Boil up, back in the day, was usually a cup of tea and a snack taken during a break from work in the country or on a shipping vessel.

Over time, this small break became a “mug-up” and the boil-up took on far more significance, evolving into a portable Jigg's Dinner and taken into the heart of the country on berry and bird hunts and on to the shore and beaches as an alternative to barbecues.

It involves a huge stockpot (kettle) and the following: salt beef, potatoes, turnip, carrot, and dried yellow peas in a muslin bag. All this is thrown into the kettle and boiled on top of a portable stove or hibachi or whathaveyou. It doesn't matter how long it is boiled. It tastes incredibly good particularly in the outdoors. A whole roast turkey (there are special pots for this also!) is often added to the feast along with potato salad and turnip greens.


  1. Something similar here is called by the old folks a boolyabay( not sure about the spelling.

  2. Interesting theme, WWW! We shall learn something new each day....thank you!

  3. Hi from Colorado: Last summer we were in Rose Bay, Nova Scotia visiting friends and learned about the game "Washers." Lovely photo.

  4. You have a beautiful view. And a boil-up sounds delicious, especially if eaten outside at a place like the one in your photo.

    By the way, I don't know if it is my computer, but when I click on your number (which is 881) in the blog hop list, of the AtoZ challenge, the link seems to be broken.
    So I found you by searching in google for your blog.

  5. I'm hungry right now so that boil up sounds great. My stomach is growling as a result. I'd love some roast turkey.

  6. NL is such a delightful place to visit. Was there on business a few years ago, and took time to visit the Puffins, Murres and Gannets. Would have visited the Viking spot up north, but didn't have the time.

    Also missed having some kind of Dinner, whole meal cooked in a pot or something. "Only on Sundays" I was told.

    And I love the bright colours of the houses. Makes things in the west look so pale.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  7. Did you find the list? If not it's at:
    Hope you're on it already as it closes tonight.

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    An A to Z Co-host blog

  8. That Boil-up sounds tasty and reminds me of stories my father told of cutting turf in his childhood in co. Clare and the meals brought out to men on the bog. A real feast.

  9. In India, many communities have harvest festivals of cook outs on the fields where the new crop had been harvested, Most of the dishes will be vegetarian as the main ingredient will be the newly harvested grain and vegetables where multiple cropping is the style, and the uniqueness is in cooking it in one huge vessel. Many of those dishes have now become kitchen cooked dishes, but the old fashioned types still like to do it in the fields.

  10. Having just returned from a cycle to town, I have a fierce appetite on me; this post has tipped it over the edge: into action. *flees to kitchen*


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