Monday, April 20, 2015

30 Days - Day 10

Dear Faithful:

Thank you for the encouragement!

I had the most wonderful email from Grandgirl today. She's off to India for a stretch in a few days with her prof and a few other students. She's just finished her 3rd year university and went to a "tea" last Saturday in a prof's house. 12 out of 130 were chosen. Sorry -
Grandma brag now over. But she is doing so very well and I'm so very proud of her.

I conducted accounting software training today locally. I take on the odd job, it pays a little and it also keeps me fresh on software updates, the whole field is changing so very rapidly. All is now in the Cloud. I am glad of these opportunities to keep me abreast.

I am thinking of renting out more of my house for the summer and have evaluated the situation with regard to furnishing an extra room here and getting some painting done. There is a huge shortage of accommodations in the hospitality industry in Newfoundland and it might be an opportunity to bring my income to above the official poverty level. For some reason I aspire to New Mexico for the whole month of February. Year uncertain. But. Dry heat. Desert. Georgia O'Keeffe.

Tomorrow night I (along with some others) get honoured at a volunteer appreciation dinner. I honestly don't think I deserve this as I would have done more earlier in life but I was a single mom with two kids and two jobs followed by Grandgirl duty (and I cherished every single minute I had her to care for) and there was never a minute it seemed.

Now I have the minutes and they give me a prezzie AND a din-din and applause. I never got that as a single mom of two run ragged did I? {smile}.

I sincerely wished they didn't do this but it would be so rude not to show up.


  1. Go forth and have a blast! I am sure that you deserve it.

  2. Having seen the stunning New Mexico landscape on Breaking Bad I too would love to visit. Renting out a room to visitors in your home could be a very interesting way to make a bob or two. Please don't worry about whether we want to hear your news or not - we do! xx

  3. Congratulations! Today, I found that some Google update had scrambled my bookmarks and hidden some of them beyond my quick finding. What was I most alarmed about missing? This blog. As you can see, I found my bookmarked blogs after all.

  4. Oh, and the congratulations were for you, for being honored for your contributions. They weren't for the not very great honor of my finding and reading your blog again! LOL.

  5. Well done! Enjoy the volunteer celebration - as much fun for those hosting as for those honored. They appreciate all you do and want to let you know.

    I have been reading all along and want to say I am loving your daily updates. I've been in a bit of a slump and have looked forward to my favorite contacts with those in the world moving forward. Thank you. It has given me a boost.

  6. I am so proud of you...
    Like the idea of renting out a room
    and in the past thought of this.
    Also New Mexico - always a thought for me
    in the past...

  7. It is nice that you are being honored for your volunteer work. Doesn't matter that it didn't happen until now, it is happening. That is a good thing. Smile and enjoy the limelight for a moment. Then you'll be required to get back to work!

  8. Congratulations! Enjoy the moment and let it give encouragement to others. Well done to Grandgirl, I hope she has a wonderful adventure in India. Grandmas are allowed to brag, it goes with the territory!


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