Thursday, April 16, 2015

30 Days - Day 6

Interesting ~ this from today's paper: a listing of hidden and subtle forms of abuse. I've held many elder abuse workshops and did my own research but this one never came up in my studies. This article basically outlines forms of invisible domestic abuse, but this could apply to elders too.

Trivializing says, in so many words, that what you have done or expressed is insignificant. This type of abuse is often difficult to test, as it can be very subtle. One is left feeling depressed and frustrated but isn't quite sure why. Nothing you say or do is important or meaningful.

The invisibility thing again. But it drills down to incredible frustration in not having authentic feelings of hurt acknowledged while others' agendas are enforced.


  1. Yep, saw this at the church we just left after a 40-year membership. New preacher came to town. Anyone over 50 didn't count, or at least their opinions and work ethic didn't matter. We've moved to another church that has warmly embraced us, our opinions and ideas.

  2. There are so many behaviours (like this one) that I think of as unwise, unkind, unfair, unloving, but not as abuse. Now I have to think again!

  3. I have seen mental abuse from close quarters and the scars that such abuse leaves on body and soul. Not a pretty sight to see and know about.


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