Thursday, April 23, 2015

30 Days - Day 13


Life is very full, I have no complaints though. I'm performing tomorrow morning with the read-through of the mystery dinner theatre and then in the afternoon I'm conducting the seventh in the eight writers' workshops I've put together.

Today I met with some friends for coffee and chat and that was good. One of them pumped up my tire which has a slow leak, I was grateful. I was nervous with it. I am replacing these winter tires soon so don't want to spend money in the meantime on just one tire. Budgetary restraints.

I'm not very good at car upkeep and ongoing maintenance, I often feel my head's in the clouds with writerly thoughts. Other stuff is so mundane.

The warp speed of my weeks now stun me in their race through my life.

"My gawd," said a younger male co-worker the other day, "I only wish that I'll have half your energy when I'm your age."

Good, I thought, maybe it's the chia seeds


  1. It’s wonderful being able to catch up with you again. I’ve read way back over your posts. What can I say? Every little detail, every humdrum crumb of life, it’s all worth taking in.

    Thank you for being you. Could I be your friend too, please?

  2. I could do with a bucketful of chia seeds right now, I must look into them and give it a try when I am next near a health food shop.


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