Tuesday, April 14, 2015

30 Days - Day 4

You could ask me why I like this picture so much and I couldn't tell you. Maybe it's a reminder that rarely do I reflect what this image projects.

Then again, I can look at it and think solitary is the best place to be. I'm becoming more risk adverse as I grow older.

Not to the risk of events or ventures or exploration or new directions. No.

But to high risk people. Some people are just not safe to be around - for this elder anyway.

I hang with the loving and kind.


  1. Dear WWW, let me ask you a question:

    What if the initially "loving and kind" you desire to "hang with" turn out to be no such thing in the long run? You have been there, and you may remember from some of my veiled writing that not least one of my beloved sisters turned snake in my paradise. Ripped my life apart, tested my firm belief in the good in people. It's taken me years to "bury" her whilst she is still alive as appears to be her wish. My point being, WWW: We may become as cautious as we may, as risk averse as we may, that doesn't protect us one iota from surprise, the unsuspected, the never in a million years would I have expected ...

    And I - for my part - refuse to let those who have ruined part of my life influence my belief in others. I will take my chances - with anyone crossing my path. Literature is full of characters who retreat up the mountain when the valley disappoints. That's not me. And I do believe it's not you either. For that you are far too trusting and willing to keep your door open.

    However, let's count those of us lucky who are able to enjoy solitude - out of choice, not by necessity.


  2. Ursula - if you had any idea of the unkindness spread like a plague throughout those who are my blood and bones, you would be horrified and wonder why I am still standing. It's been building for a few years now and has infected the entire tribe.
    I know where the love and kindness is. I am lucky. The rest I need to avoid before they sink me completely, which seems to be their intent.

  3. You are posting 30 days in a row? You will hear no complaints from me!

  4. Aren't you sweet SJG - you made my day.

  5. www, your answer to Ursula
    is this one.
    So much is not shared
    I do not dare
    but move onward
    doing all I know to do.
    Life is better at this time then ever
    but have to watch my step.
    Always I thank you for your sharing words
    as they help me
    more then you will ever know.

  6. I know your public persona forbids so much OWJ - this is why I have the cloak of anonymity to protect me, otherwise I would not be so forthcoming.
    In my thoughts, I know you trudge the same path....

  7. Haunting picture ~ I like it, too. I come back and back to read your posts....


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