Saturday, April 18, 2015

30 Days - Day 8

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To detox from a major city is a big thing. Where everything is on a subway line or right around the corner now becomes a long jaunt into the city of St. John's.

Of course "everything" is subjective, isn't it?

My "everything" has changed drastically, refined you might say. What was important then isn't important now.

One thing I appreciate is the truck that comes around every Wednesday, loaded with organic meats and vegetables.

The same farm has been sending out its truck for over 50 years. Today the young trucker is the grandson of the original owner/driver.

They have beef and lamb and chicken and wonderful veggies.

The truck is equipped with a digital scales and Wi-Fi so you can pay on line.

The local store provides the staples and neighbours and hunters and fishers supply further bounty to me, free.

We have 10 free berry seasons here also to provide lashings of Vitamin C in the winter. And truly, you haven't lived till you've eaten bottled moose. I know it sounds revolting but did I change my mind in 5 seconds after tasting it?

All my daily needs are met quite adequately.

Adequate is a good word.

The "wants" work hard at destroying it.


  1. Bottled moose! That's a new one on me.

  2. I'm jealous, especially at the thought of getting organic meat. We don't have anything like that around here, because the assumption is that everyone drives.

  3. Adequate will trump greed every time.


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