Wednesday, April 15, 2015

30 Days - Day 5

Some days I feel like a kid. An excited little kid. I started a town library. Yes, I did!

And today we were shelving books and chatting and laughing and expanding on ideas - let's have a children's section - we have many children shipping in for the summer. And we have a formidable movie section now. And along with that we are putting the town on line and digitizing the records. And we plan some readings by authors, and oh lord! maybe a book-club, too.

So I want to clap my hands and jump gleefully around and repeat "And next...?"

And a friend dropped off some moose for me. A nice roast. I so love moose.

And I socialized myself tonight and went and played community cards and we all talked gardening and how lovely April is, the light is extraordinary on the bay, and we all wanted to kick winter far out and down the road and some of us bragged we ran around - for five minutes like - in a tee shirt on the beach this afternoon. We didn't compare goose-bumps. But oh, this honeyed air pouring into the old lungs. A right tonic so it is.

Tonight it rains and that's wonderful and freshening. And not white and freezing.

And the calendar is getting really full with workshops and revitalization of theatre projects and the odd few tax returns I prepare, mainly pro-bono.

I'm really truly finally crawling out from under the bus.


  1. Wonderful! I wanted to give away most of my books to a new set up in our locality who wanted books but when they saw what I had they said that they want only fiction and literature and not what I had. I think that I may have to simply give them away to the recycling man!

  2. You write beautifully. Like one of your library books. It's warm here in the UK. We've kicked winter but it will roll back in a few weeks. It always does when we have a hot April.

  3. How I wish I could ship you a few boxes of books to add to your library. We're having a clearance sale at the bookstore where I work and we have so many great children's books for dirt I have loads of books at home I'm preparing to donate to Goodwill.

    So glad you're feeling happier, too!


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