Sunday, April 19, 2015

30 Days - Day 9

The man in front is 95 YO next birthday.

I'm boring myself. These slices of life aren't too interesting are they?

Today. Well, today I made a huge stockpot of soup. I start off with my batches of stock from the freezer, every time I cook veggies or fish or meat, I save the water and freeze it. So the soup? I've been making this "recipe" for yonks, it's a pumpkin based effort with aforesaid stock. I fry up lots of onions and garlic first in a good oil, I then add my own pungent spices, coat masses of any on-hand veggies (I counted 11 different ones today) in this, golden them all up and add the pumpkin, the veg stock and about 16 cups of water and sprinkle about 1/4 cup of coconut flour on top. Adds a lovely smooth sweetness to it. After mixing everything thoroughly I simmer it all for 2-3 hours.

Then I take the immersible blender and have at it for a couple of minutes until it's smooth. This freezes beautifully in small containers. Yield today: 16 servings. Daughter dropped off all her fridge contents here before going to Ontario for a few weeks so soup was the solution to these masses of veggies.

But the big question remains: what do I do with the 3 dozen of her eggs. I already have 2 dozen of my own.

This afternoon I went to a party, see picture above. And enjoyed myself. Great live music and I entertained myself with taking pictures and smiling a lot. The gregarious loner emerged briefly from her cave.

And tonight the fire is beautifully warm as there is a distinct chill in the air.

And in the idle hands department: I started another afghan for a special person.


  1. They ARE interesting!

    And 95 years old and dancing? The thought of that makes me happy. :)


  2. Need to make soup,
    Love to dance
    Miss my wood fire
    Spring is here
    so are the weeds
    Just checking in :)

  3. I enjoy your tales of life in Newfoundland very much.

  4. On the contrary - it IS interesting to see how other people live, what they think, how they cope, what they deem important, how they see themselves. Coming here to read is like picking up a favorite novel.

  5. As I clicked onto your website I smiled a little thinking about what you might post from The Other Side of Sixty. I look forward to you reading your blog and am getting much pleasure from thinking that there will be one each day for 30 days. I guess I should tell you more often how much your writings mean to this reader.

  6. Not boring in the least! Silly girl.
    Here'a recipe (Curried Eggs) that's a treat when I make it here; it uses half-a-dozen boiled eggs:

  7. Catching up - whew! Very cool about the library. Sounds like you've been very, very busy. In a good way. The soup sounds god but I don't see me eating moose in any form. Of course, I don't eat mammal so maybe that's irrelevant.

  8. Don't try to escape. What did you do with the three dozen eggs?


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